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If alcoholism, drug addiction, or drug abuse has stricken you or another family member, it can feel like you’re alone on an island with your problems. However, you aren’t alone in Sunrise with the issue, and there is a path to sobriety for you or a loved one that will help prevent relapse and let you get back to the life you built before addiction took over.

Sunrise’s Addiction Problem

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While violent crime has trended downward over the last couple decades, the drug problem in Sunrise FL continues to grow. Although these two statistics traditionally follow similar paths, there have been some substantial differences lately. The most impactful of these is a huge increase in prescription drugs that have flooded the streets of Sunrise. For most people, this has come in the form of opioid painkillers, but other types of medications are also growing in particular. This is especially true for benzodiazepines like Xanax.

Still, with the opioid epidemic being a very real problem here, people often turn from opioid narcotics like Oxycodone and Fentanyl to heroin as their opioid pills run out. Thankfully, there are paths to sobriety for those who have found themselves addicted to any substance.

Ending the Addiction

Thankfully, there are a number of options you can take to end the addiction plaguing your household. But while those options include programs like 12-step addiction meetings and outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab in Sunrise is objectively the best choice available to you and your loved ones.

Inpatient rehab usually starts with a supervised detox period, which is then followed up with the actual rehab program. Detox is often a necessary step to help addicts get through withdrawal symptoms that arise after an extended period of alcohol or drug addiction – the patient’s entire focus during this period is to stay well while the last of the substance works its way through their system. Rehab, on the other hand, is where patients learn about addiction, build support networks, receive therapy, take part in activities, and learn how to keep from relapsing after rehab is over.



What to Expect from Inpatient Rehab in Sunrise

While every inpatient rehab facility you look into will have different classes, types of therapy, rehab programs, and more, there are still a few things that are fairly congruous across the board.

For one, patients will generally have a very similar experience on their first day in an addiction recovery treatment facility. After the initial check-in, which will include filling out and signing paperwork, patients will go through a brief medical check up that will help the staff determine the best course of action during detox or if detox is even needed at all. The patient is then given a tour of the facility, which will include the patient being shown to their quarters. At some point during the first day, most rehab centers will also have a staff member get with the new patient to go through their belongings. This is to make sure no contraband is brought into the building, which is something that is probably attempted in Sunrise rehab centers than you might think.

Those who need detox before rehab will then begin the process of getting their bodies clean of the substance(s) in question. The reason rehab and detox aren’t held concurrently is because of the difficulty in focusing on anything else when going through withdrawal symptoms.

What Others Are Saying

Overall this was the best thing I have done for myself and my future. I feel great about everything. My resolve in this matter is very strong. All my needs were met more than I expected and will continue a happy and sober life using the tools that I have gained.
Sierra Higgins
- Patient

Find the Right Inpatient Facility

Families looking for inpatient addiction rehab centers in Sunrise, Florida can do so by calling us at (866) 769-5631. Addiction is solvable, and success is often determined by whether or not the addict went through an inpatient rehab program. Let us help you find the one that will best help you get your life back.

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