Our Mission

Drug Rehab Lifeline is a drug treatment referral organization whose goal is to:

Help the friends and family of the drug addict to find the right treatment program and get the addict into treatment quickly and as easily as possible.

This website is designed to streamline this process.

We are staffed with trained counselors who understand the problems in treating drug addiction and know how to avoid the dead ends that cost time and money and leave the addict still in the throes of addiction.

Please understand that overcoming addiction is not easy.

Obstacles usually include:

  • Resistance from the addict. The lure of immediate pain relief often trumps the desire to conquer addiction.
  • Difficulty assessing the situation. Addicts are frequently clever and deceptive as a result of the overpowering need for more drugs.
  • A combination of problems contributing to the addiction. Addiction usually involves chemical, mental, social, legal, and other problems, making each addict’s situation unique.
  • An overwhelming variety of treatment programs available. Assessing your own situation and matching it with one of thousands of available can be exhausting and frustrating.
  • An overwhelming amount of data on the effects of drugs and associated treatments. A layperson trying to get educated on the problem his or her loved one is facing may end up bogged down in reading hundreds of research reports and websites that do not help with the immediate problem.

This site is designed to give you the basic information you need to make the best choice, put you in contact with a counselor to help you choose, and provide links to the best resources for gaining more in-depth understanding.