Rehab for Teenagers

Voices of Experience – Alcoholic at 14

Here’s what Susan had to say about her daughter’s addiction: My daughter is 19 years old, and an alcoholic. She was always a  good kid, a competitive soccer player with good grades, and we had a good relationship. Everything changed one weekend when  she was 14 years old. While I was out of town, with […]

drug rehab information

Drug Information

A person starts out as an occasional drug user, a voluntary decision. But then that person gradually becomes a compulsive drug user. Why? Over time, continued use of addictive drugs changes your brain, resulting in physical and behavioral changes … virtually always resulting in compulsive and even uncontrollable drug use. Every type of drug of […]

family intervention

The Steps of Drug Intervention

How to Approach a Drug Intervention The goal of drug intervention is for the addict to accept the reality of their drug addiction and to seek help. Drug intervention is a difficult and delicate matter. If not done correctly, the individual may feel cornered and become defensive. Advice from a trained professional can help. Many […]